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Come Home for Advent & Christmas @ Court Street

Advent, beginning on Sunday, November 28, is an invitation.  For many, it is the invitation to get into that Christmas spirit, to count down the days to the grand celebration, and let the holiday transform everything around us.

But there is a deeper and more profound invitation being offered in the season of Advent.  The invitation is to remember that we are heading for home.  Or if we’re not, if we’ve forgotten that there is a home  toward which to head, it is the invitation to long for the home we call the kin-dom of God.  It is where family resides, either the family of our birth or the family we’ve chosen.  It is where peace resides, where justice abides, and hope will rise.  Advent reminds us that we shouldn’t be complacent about the way things are—not that we want to be angrily attuned to ever perceived failing in those around us or the world at large; but that we want to be those who look forward to something greater, something more that is just on the horizon.  Advent is the call to come home.

Yeah, we are calling the theme of the season “Come Home for Christmas” not “Come Home for Advent.”  We’re not all about Christmas, the holiday, about December 25 with all the jingle bells and tinsel.  We are about Christmas, the Mass of Christ, the celebration of the Incarnate one who comes to remind us that we are not alone, and God is with us.  We are about the longing for the coming kin-dom, where we will study war no more, where people will walk in the light, where joy will be found, and love will be the tie that binds us together.  That’s the home for which we long.  That’s the invitation we offer this Advent season to you and the world: “Come Home for Christmas.”

We are still in the planning stages for our outdoor Longest Night Service and our Christmas Eve worship gatherings.  There will be more detailed information in the December 2021 Newsletter.  We are excited about our plans.


200 Reasons to Celebrate…….in January

The January weather outside may be frightful, let’s make it more delightful!

November is a month that reminds us to give thanks for our many blessings and share our bounties with others.  This January, as we continue to celebrate our church’s anniversary, we want to collect 200 items of warm clothing to share with school age students.  Students are often in need of coats, gloves, socks, sweatshirts, and other items to keep them warm.  This early notification allows us to take advantage of any sales we find during our Christmas shopping activities or January closeouts.

During the month of January there will be an area in the Narthex for collection of these items.  Our goal is to collect a minimum of 200 “gifts of warmth.”  Please consider helping us reach this goal as we celebrate our own blessings! Matthew 25:36







200 Items for Our House

For the month of November we are going to collect cleaning    supplies. Things needed are: dish soap, laundry detergent, Windex, lemon scent  disinfectant wipes, Fabuloso all purpose cleaner, Endust lemon zest  multi-surface dusting and cleaning spray,   Murphy Oil soap cleaner, Arm and Hammer carpet odor eliminator extra scent, dryer sheets, LED light bulbs 60W, paper towels and distilled white  vinegar,  bathroom cleaner with bleach, Lime Away cleaner, bowl brush, plunger caddy set, Scotch  Bright tub and shower non scratch scrubber with  extendable handle. Many other items are needed and can be found on the Walmart website under Our House registry.  Please bring items to church so we can       collect, count, and deliver them each month.


Christmas Card Ministry Shares Holiday Spirit


This year’s Christmas Card Ministry will begin    Sunday, November 28, 2021!  We ask you to  prepare cards for the people on our list on the “Church Care Ministry” (page 10), then ADD five (5) more names of our church people you want to send a smile and warm message to.   We will be   collecting Christmas cards through Sunday, December 19.  Please join us in sending special Christmas greetings to the folks near and dear to our hearts.   Specially prepared bags for those unable to worship with us each Sunday will be in the Lobby area.  OR bring or mail your cards to the church to arrive by December 19.

Cards will be available for you in the church lobby to take home to write special Christmas messages of love, peace and blessings for the Christmas  season.  Join our congregation as we send a message of the gladness of Christmas, which is hope; the spirit of Christmas, which is peace; and the heart of Christmas, which is love, to our special friends near and far.

Of course, if you would rather embrace our loved ones by sending cards directly to them through the mail, please, do so!  Messages of love during this  season will bring about much joy and happiness!  If you have donations of Christmas cards for this ministry, please drop them by the Church office by         November 21, 2021!  Thanks for your generosity in making this mission project such a blessing!