Welcome to our “Around the Church” Page!
This is the place where we showcase things happening aorund the church, including events, celebrations, or any other noteworthy things our members are up to.
 There’s always fun and interesting things happening around here!


The Generosity of the Snowcones

Our water ministry at the Street Fair parade was so well received that Alan and Jan Finke decided to go one step further and bring out their snow cone equipment.  So during the 4th of July parade, they offered FREE snow cones to all who gathered in front of Court Street UMC to watch.  Other church members joined them and they serve a total of 103 delicious snow cones, offering either cherry or grape.  This is another of the activities being done during our church’s bicentennial celebration to let everyone know about our 200th anniversary.   THANK YOU ALAN AND JAN!!

The Generosity of the Water

Alan and Jan Finke and 10 other church members shared 144 bottles of chilled water with parade watchers in front of Court Street UMC during the Street Fair parade on Saturday, June 26.  This is one of the activities being done during our bicentennial celebration to let everyone know about our 200th anniversary. 

Celebration Town Hall #2 Focuses Plans

We ate well, we worked in pairs to determine our wishes, and we shared our results to help focus on next steps.  It was a great evening!   More than 24 people joined in the two-hour sessions, kicked off by a delicious meal prepared and donated by Rev. Jim West (who then donated all the left-overs to Wiley House).  THANKS SO MUCH, Rev. Jim!

We narrowed the list of 98 initial items to less than 50 and appointed a team of Linda Hogan, Diane Ludwig, Linda Mealy, Deana Ready, Linda Rootes, and Barb Rueter to further refine the list.  They will present an initial plan for our 200th bicentennial              celebration in the coming weeks for all to review.


Sunday School Class Resumes    

After many months on hiatus due to the pandemic, the Sunday School Class, pictured here, finally got to start meeting again!         

We welcome them back!  (L-R)  Sandy Davis, Betty Fennel, Dorothy Boyce, Paul McCormack and Holly Dudley.

Prior to our reoppening for face-to-face worship on Easter Sunday, several CSUMC women gathered to make sure our nursery was in pristine condition for the tots they would soon be caring for during service. It looks like the ladies also found time to get in touch with their own inner child–don’t get too wild, Jan! Many thanks to Mary Anne, Linda W., Linda M., and Jan for helping out!