CSUMC Has Joined Amplify Media!

Amplify allows you to stay engaged and encouraged with videos of inspiring stories, insightful teaching, and powerful motivation. The best part is, Amplify is accessible all the time, and on almost any device you use to watch videos.

We are able to use Amplify for study, reflection, and worship in just about every facet of our church, including:

Sunday School

Small Groups

Worship Gathering

…and more!

Best of all, Amplify is free to everyone in our church family. All you need to do is contact the church office via email or phone for the access code. Then visit our Amplify church website (https://myamplifymedia.com/amplify), enter the access code, and create your free Amplify account today! Then start exploring all that’s available. It’s that simple. Once your account is created you can access all the content through your personal computer, smartphone, tablet, and TV using Roku or Amazon.lifymedia.com/amplify