Welcome to CSUMC’s online giving page! We have partnered with Vanco Giving to make online giving as easy as possible for those wishing to generously donate to our church and its mission.  To participate in our online offering, please either click on the link below to be taken to our church’s giving home page OR scan the QR code below to do the same.  Once there, you will see that we have a very organized and accessible page designed to make online giving easy and hassle free.  Simply click on the tile coordinating with the fund you wish to support, choose the amount you wish to give, and hit submit. It’s that easy! You will need to create a Vanco acocunt, but this is a simple and quick step–and you must do this only once.  

Vanco Giving

You may also donate by using the Vanco Mobile app on your smartphone.  Simply add the app then search for “Court Street UMC.”  You will then be taken to our homepage!
Link to our Vanco homepage: