Small Groups Carry Worship Series into Your Week

Your Council on Ministries wants to strengthen the bonds of our congregation, help us build stronger relationships, and grow in our discipleship through small group ministries.  We are excited to offer three small groups throughout the summer.  You can participate in as many as you like or none at all.  But we encourage you to try at least one.  All groups will meet via Zoom which can be used from a computer or your phone with video or audio only.  Please contact the office to RSVP.  We will reach out to you with the information necessary to connect with each group.  All groups will begin the week of June 8.

Tuesdays:  The first group will help us make sense of what happens to us when life seems to unravel around us.  This book discussion group will focus on Everything Happens for a Reason (and Other Lies I’ve Loved) by Kate BowlerThe book is available in several formats through your favorite bookseller or through Amazon (Kindle $12.99; Paperback $12.50; Hardcover $12.88; Audiobook $14.70).  If you need assistance acquiring the book please contact the church office as soon as possible.  The group will meet from 10-11 a.m. beginning on June 9, 2020.  Group Leader:  Linda Mealy.

Wednesdays:  The second group, SOWN (Singing on Wednesday Nights), will take us deeper into the music of the series.  Rev. Stephen M. Fearing penned a hymn for each story in the series.  During SOWN we’ll also explore other music.  This group will meet from 7-8 pm on Wednesdays beginning June 10, 2020.  Group Leader:  Rev. Jim West.

Thursdays:  The third group, Unraveling Our Souls, will unravel the resources in the accompanying series study journal.  While it will be helpful if you’ve created space in your week to complete the weekly Respond section in the Journal it is not required.  We will touch base on our wellness for the week, explore the fruit of our response, and pray together.  Contact the office to arrange to receive an edition of the study journal.  This group will gather from 6-7 p.m. on Thursday beginning June 11, 2020.  Group Leader:  Rev. Rebecca